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The Practical Charm of Small Businesses

Updated: Apr 12

Supporting small businesses is not only an investment in the local economy but also a way to support sustainability and to help communtiies thrive. Medical Center Opticians is the oldest operating business in Oakland with over 60 years of experience. MCO Optician's father ran the business before he did and many of MCO's patients have been coming to MCO for their glasses for decades.

Here are some beneficial implications for supporting small businesses that impact the greater good:

1. Economic Impact:

Small businesses are the backbone of many economies, contributing significantly to job creation and local economic growth. By supporting them, individuals help sustain and boost their community's prosperity. Oakland is the third largest business district in the state and MCO is one of the local businesses that are supporting its growth and prosperity.

2. Unique Merchandise:

Small businesses offer unique products or services that may not be available in larger companies. These businesses add diversity to the market and contribute to innovation. MCO is often told by customers that the selection of frames that we have is second to none. With competitive pricing and personalized service, our customers wear glasses that are practical and designed to meet their specifications. Book an appointment with MCO today.

3. Personalized Service:

Small businesses tend to provide more personalized and attentive customer service compared to larger companies. Customers often develop closer relationships with small business owners, leading to better understanding of their needs and preferences.

4. Community Development:

Small businesses are typically deeply rooted in their communities. When people support these businesses, they are investing in the growth and vitality of their neighborhoods, creating a sense of belonging and pride. MCO is a proud supporter of the OBID (Oakland Business Improvement District) and collaborates on community projects as much as possible with the OBID

5. Environmental Sustainability:

Small businesses often have lower carbon footprints compared to larger companies, as they usually have smaller-scale operations and may prioritize sustainable practices. Supporting them can contribute to environmental sustainability efforts.

MCO is renowned for recycling everything from old frames, to small parts and pieces that help the Optician fix frames at low cost. MCO is a sustainability conscious business and works with vendors such as ECO and MODO to carry environmentally conscious eyewear.

6. Developing Entrepreneurship:

Supporting small businesses encourages entrepreneurship and innovation. Many successful companies started as small businesses, and by supporting them, individuals contribute to the growth and development of future enterprises.

7. Resilience and Diversity:

Small businesses can be more agile and adaptable to changing market conditions compared to larger corporations. By supporting them, individuals contribute to a more resilient and diverse business landscape.

MCO is a proud puveyor of the finest in eyewear to community members in PIttsburgh. Consider us when you are making your next appointment for an eye examination or the next time you need to purchase new frames. MCO has been in business since 1962, we are proud to serve Oakland, City of Pittsburgh, and Allegheny County residents from McKeesport to Tarentum! We are happy to serve you, book an appointment at MCO today.

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