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Treating your Frames and Lenses with Care

Care Instructions for your new glasses: how to keep your frames in good condition


A new pair of eyeglass frames is like a new outfit, they fit your personality, they speak to your style and they are practical for whatever your optical needs are. The key to ensuring that you keep your new frames in good condition is to treat them gently and with the understanding that they hold value.

Bad Habits

For example, when dressing do not leave your glasses on. Place frames on a clean, level surface and put them back on your face when you are clothed.

Resist the urge to place your glasses on your head, it is common for customers to place their glasses on their heads and stretch the temples out.

Many people chew on their temple ends when concentrating on their work or watching TV. This is difficult to undo without entirely replacing the temples. Prevention through eliminating the bad habit in the first place is best.

Preserve your glasses in good condition by treating them as valuable and not easily replaced.

Assiduous Handling

Be sure not to take frames off one temple at a time. This causes inevitable stretching of the bands and unequal strain on each temple. Medical Center Opticians often sees glasses that need to be adjusted because temples have been stretched or have even broken off from careless handling. The correct way to take off eyeglasses is to lift both temples at the same time.

Lens Care

For keeping your lenses clean and scratch free, never use sprays or paper products to clean lenses. It is best to dampen the lenses if they are dirty and then rub them dry with a clean, soft lens cloth. For stubborn make-up stains, use dawn dish soap and dry with a clean, dry cloth.

To reduce scratching, avoid contact with metal or concrete. When you drop your glasses, know where they've landed before moving. If you misplace your frames in the dark or while sleeping, take time to look for them from one place to avoid further damaging them. Lenses that do get scratched are not difficult to replace. However, it's better to avoid this happening at all.

It is helpful to have a backup pair of glasses, particularly when traveling to have a spare pair in the case of loss. An additional pair of glasses increases the longevity of each pair of frames and gives you more styles to choose from.

With these helpful hints, you can increase the likelihood of increasing the longevity of your glasses. Don't rest your glasses on the lenses, try to keep them 'standing up' or resting on the temples with lenses facing up. And remember - handle your glasses with care!

Medical Center Opticians

Book an appointment today or pop in for lens replacements, frame enhancements and repair and any adjustments neccessary to get your glasses back in to perfect condition.

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