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What Pittsburgh Customers Think About Our Optical Services!

First timer at MCO

This little hole in the wall optician is the best glasses place I have ever been too. Michael knows his stuff and was very helpful in picking out frames. I am very picky and he got me and was very patient. I bought my first pair there 2 years ago (I constantly get compliments on them) and just bought new ones today. I won’t go anywhere else.


Long time customer 

I love my opticians!!! They have a beautiful variety of frames to select from. They are the most knowledgeable about insurances of all kinds. Unlike big box chains, they want you to get a good product and the right prescription. I have NEVER had to adjust to my glasses or contacts. If you need honest advice, chose them!

Customer satisfaction

I came here a few years ago after going to a place that touted having their own lab in house. I was struggling with my glasses. I had returned to get the issue corrected and they could not find one. I came to Michael and he seemed surprised but he listened. The doctor here saw me and made changes to my lenses that allowed me to wear a single pair of glasses for the first time in years. I was in tears. It is my opinion that every person here was a part of the solution due to their experience, patience, and knowledge. You can have state-of-the-art equipment but it's only as good as its execution from staff. Now I won't go anywhere else.

Work ethic

Michael Glasser is a very honest and good man who went above and beyond to treat my issues fairly. I trust him.


Michael has been the most knowledgeable professional I've met in the past 20 years. He is very efficient at finding me exactly what I'm looking for, functionally and esthetically. My favorite pair of glasses and sunglasses were from his recommendations. I've since moved to Austin, Texas and have yet to find another store nearly as good. Maybe I'll fly to Pittsburgh when I need another pair of glasses!

Local Business

The staff is small and the shop is too. Some would say efficient. The story of this establishment is its people. From the initial phone call, to the exam, to the order of my specs, I was pleased with how much fun I had and how well I was treated. Even though my insurance didn't cover me, I went back to purchase specs simply because I knew that I would not only be paying for the glasses but the service as well.


I have been going to this optician for three years now. Mike, the optician, is competent, professional and friendly. He is also ethical, and be very clear and honest about the prices I need to pay for my eye care. I highly recommend this place.



I was drawn into the shop by the intriguing selection of frames I saw in the window and stuck with them because of the great staff: knowledgeable, kind, and dedicated.Great service and great glasses. So many to choose from and they never sell the same frame twice:)

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